A Letter to My Father


I try to live my life in the most simplistic way possible.  People have a tendency to over-complicate easy processes, and make life difficult–but I have found an approach to life that works for me, which is:  work-hard, be a good person, never give up and protect family at all cost.  If I do the aforementioned items, most of the time, then life will fall into place.

You may know this or not, but I learned that approach from you and mom.  You modeled for your children (some of us absorbed the lesson more than others) how to be successful in life and in relationships.

It’s simple, yet effective:  work hard and do what needs to be done!

I’ve had to apply all that you taught me as a child out here in California.  You prepared me to be self-sufficient, and gave me opportunities that you were not provided in life, like college, and though I wasn’t mature enough to fully appreciate what you did for me then, I fully understand now.  I promise, just as you awarded me opportunities that you didn’t have, I will do the same for Lila, your only (for now) grand-daughter.

I know the last few years, in certain ways, have been emotionally and physically draining–and you may have even questioned your impact as a parent.  Dad, just know that your hard-work, tireless dedication, absolute support and love all molded me into the man I am.  A capable worker and provider–and someone who is working hard to be a better person and father each day.  I love you with all of my heart–always have and always will.  Happy Fathers Day, dad!




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