Disrupt the Two Party Political System

I don’t enjoy publicly expressing my political viewpoints.  I feel that my political opinions and expression take place on election-day, in the voting booth.  I will participate in political discussions with my close friends, but I’m not the type to bait people into arguments or criticize a stranger for exercising their right to choose who they want to support, and vote for.

I appreciate the fact that my friends and family have diverse political perspectives—I enjoy hearing opposing thoughts/opinions.  I don’t view someone who thinks differently than me as a threat, I view them as someone who can educate me and help me become a well rounded, politically engaged citizen.  At times, a person will say something I completely disagree with, but again, it’s not my place to attempt to calibrate an individual’s moral compass.  In fact, it would be pretentious of me to do so.

I am proud to admit, especially during this Presidential election cycle, that I am an Independent voter.  I am not loyal to any political party—I am loyal to America.  I understand that an effective leader can come from the Democratic, Republican, Green , Libertarian, etc., party.  So why would I become a partisan voter and confine myself to voting for only one party candidate?  To me, that isn’t promoting choice or political freedom.

So, I am going to go against my “no political view-point” rule, and tell you how I think America can become more of a democracy by creating a higher level of competition in the political world.  We need to fight against the two party system that has left us with two bad choices for President of the United States.  Yes, I am talking about Clinton and Trump.  I know that we have a Green Party and Libertarian candidate running for office—but I think Independents, like myself, are looking for the fiscal conservative who is more progressive when it comes to social issues.

If you are fed up with politics as usual, I will tell you how we can disrupt the system.  And, if you aren’t a registered voter, yet complain, you are simply part of the problem.  So listen…

Register as an Independent, non-partisan voter.  If you aren’t registered to vote—register and join me as a non-partisan voter.  If you are a Republican or Democrat disturbed by the current state of politics—change your party affiliation to Independent/non-partisan.  Do you know what will happen if you do so?

The people will have more of a choice—there will more competition in local, state and national elections.  A Democrat or Republican won’t be our only choice—and whoever runs for office knows that they don’t just have to appease their own party to win, they have to think of the millions of Independents who call them out on their, as Joe Biden says, malarkey.

Join us Independent, non-partisan voters—and we will see more Independent candidates who aren’t controlled by the political machine in Washington.  We will see more people like you and I, standing there, making sense to the American people.  Frankly, what Clinton and Trump are doing right now makes no sense to me at all.  Their campaigns make our Democracy a joke!

I firmly believe that if Republicans and Democrats synthesized their view-points on a lot of issues, instead of yelling at each-other, this country would have stronger policies and programs in place.  This country would serve the people, as opposed to serving a one-sided political system.  If we vote Republican, we get a smaller government that restricts the freedoms, and discriminates against some of our fellow Americans.  If we vote Democrat, we get a larger, inefficient government that recklessly spends, but offers all Americans the freedoms and rights they deserve.

Why can’t we have a smaller, more efficient government that serves all people equally, without discrimination?  Women maintain their right to choose, and my gay best friend can marry his boyfriend.  My immigrant friends don’t worry about deportation, but understand that we need stronger immigration policies.  Education should be an equal opportunity for all children, regardless of socioeconomics—but we have to address income inequality, together, to ensure that less Americans are living in poverty—and more Americans have access to quality education.

Independents will create balance by not pledging allegiance to a candidate before they are nominated.  Independents simply pledge allegiance to the American flag, and all of the people that the flag protects.  I am tired of turning on the television, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc., whatever garbage media source that is spewing hate and perpetuating anger, and seeing two people, one of whom will run the country, bicker like high-school brats.

If we create an Independent voter registration movement, we will change the political landscape for the better.  We will create a free market of political candidates that aren’t restricted by the two party system—and more candidates with well rounded perspectives will begin to surface.  I promise this will happen—join me.  I am a fiscally conservative, socially progressive voter who believes in strengthening our immigration and education policies—and I know we can do so working together.

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