510 Days or So

I’m a believer in the thought process that:

If you’re looking too hard for something, you may never find it.  It’s when you least expect it—that’s when what you’re searching for most likely comes around.”

I’m also a believer in the thought process that in order for what you’re looking for to find (or notice) you, whether it’s: love, a dream job, a random stroke of good luck, etc., you have to consistently work hard, and never give up no matter how trying times become.

We have to do our best to stay in top form—we never know when a dream employer or the perfect woman/man may walk through the door, into whatever room we’re in.  The universe is funny like that—giving us opportunities when we least expect it, and it’s on us to be ready or not.

It’s in the difficult times, when we are challenged the most, that true character is born.  The kind of resilience where obstacles in life are no longer viewed as stressful, but are embraced, even welcomed as an opportunity to learn and grow.

It’s been around 510 days since my last drink.  It’s crazy to think about.  I took my first drink when I was 12 years old—and the largest span of days between a drink for the next 21 years was maybe a couple of weeks.  The last couple of years, when my alcoholism peaked, I literally drank every-day.  It makes me ill thinking about it.

Lila and I live in a one bedroom apartment (it is the Bay Area though, and it’s a $1700/mnth apartment)—but it’s a nice little place.  It works for us.  The fall season is approaching, and we’re decorating, gearing up to visit pumpkin patches, picking out Halloween costumes and in a few weeks discussing what to eat for Thanksgiving dinner.  This year has soared by.

I know that if I keep working hard, stay clean, respect others, remain patient and maintain focus—our time will come.  Everything that I’m looking for will come around.

The most heart-warming aspect of life, for me, is that Lila hasn’t once, not ever, asked for anything more than what she has.  That kid is the sweetest thing on planet earth, I swear.  I’ve learned a lot from my baby girl.

Stay sober, stay hopeful and never give up.

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