The Fall Season

I love the fall season.  The air is cooler, with a frequent breeze—and the potential of rain increases.  The dry California air gets old after a while.

The leaves fall from the trees, the pumpkins perched on porches/doorsteps, holiday decorations begin to appear and winter coats are taken from storage and dusted off.  My soul feels warmer during this time of year.

I remember, as a child in Philadelphia, the foliage transforming the landscape.  Green trees turned into a fiery red and yellowish color—and slowly those leaves fell to the ground.  I remember the sound a rake makes when it pulled the leaves into a pile.  I remember the laughter of the neighborhood kids as we jumped into the before mentioned piles…over and over again.

Nothing epitomizes the word home for me more than a warm meal with family on a cold fall evening.  As I write this entry, I close my eyes and picture my mother, father and sisters crowded around the dining room table—laughing, talking and filling our plates with love.

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