Day 397

The linked article “What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain, Heart and Muscles” is a decent read. Though,  I have two issues with the article 1) it presents health issues that alcohol causes, but doesn’t discuss changes in those issues once you quit 2) it states that two drinks per day has health benefits, then later in the article it says that two drinks per day can boost your risk of irregular heart-beats by 17 percent.  A bit confusing.

I can attest to the fact that irregular heart-beats accompany alcoholism–I experienced it, and it’s scary.  I can also validate that irregular heart-beats subside when you quit.  I stated in earlier posts the menu of health issues, from weight gain and headaches to high blood pressure and anxiety, that were present during my active alcoholic days.  It has taken over a year, but the majority of the health issues are gone or greatly diminished.  When I exercised as an active drunk, my heart would skip beats regularly–now I can go full-steam and not have to worry about taking a break to let my heart beat correctly again.

I think the linked article is very important because it does accurately run down the health consequences of frequent drinking.  But, the article also tries to be careful not to offend those who drink socially, or don’t think they have a problem with alcohol…which leads to contradictions.  I’m just going to go ahead and say it–if you drink 2-3 drinks per day, you ARE negatively affecting your health, whether it’s the added calories or the fact that 2-3 drinks, 7 days per week can easily escalate to 3-4 drinks, and so on.

Take note, of the impacts on the brain (memory loss, neurotransmitter malfunction, etc), because that was the scariest part for me.  Personally, it became hard for me to express emotion–or even feel emotion.  I became robotic in my ways, and just started to not care…things that would typically make me emotional, had absolutely no impact on me.  I just stared aimlessly, sat unproductively and was only good at filling my next drink.  One time I went to the doctor and couldn’t remember my address when they asked…it was not only embarrassing, but scary.

This article fails to tell you, what I will right now.  The old you comes back–your emotions, health and confidence.  It won’t happen over-night, but it will happen if you work hard and remain patient.

Speaking of emotions, this week I am overwhelmed with positive vibes.  Lila will be graduating Kindergarten–her and I are shopping for a graduation dress today.  I have a purpose in life, and that purpose isn’t to drink, drink, drink–it’s to love, pursue my dreams and be a good father.  Find your purpose–if you’re drunk, you won’t see it–but trust me, it’s there and it takes a clear mind to see the right path.

Another good read: “Everyone Loves My Dad–They Don’t Know He’s an Alcoholic.”  I linked the article below–and it talks about an art-form that I was particularly good at–hiding my alcoholism from co-workers and those not living with me.  I held a good job, paid the bills and to an outsider was a very personable guy with his shit together.  To those I was closest to, I was a lost alcoholic.  The young lady writing the article, I feel, speaks for some many people–and would be Lila if I didn’t make the choice to quit.  We aren’t the only people who suffer the consequences of addiction–those who love us most are put through emotional torment as they watch us kill ourselves slowly.

Love and blessings,

L & L

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