Day 386

Today I feel blessed in many ways.  Lila and I are happy, healthy and laughing as much as possible.  We have a roof, fridge/cupboards with food, clean water and transportation.  We have all of the essentials and, most importantly, we have each-other.

We have the love/support of friends and family, along with the privilege of employment (me) and a quality education.  We have shoes on our feet, clothes on our back and some extra scratch just in case we want to go to the cinema, or drive to the beach.

We have learned that a minimalist perspective isn’t that of a broke family—in actuality, it’s a family that appreciates the little things due to the understanding that many must go without the before mentioned blessings.

Many families live without clean water, a home, transportation and/or education.  Who am I to yearn for more, when we already have more than enough?  Who am I to criticize those who yearn for more—and find value in the material aspects of life?  I am myself—that is what I am—so whether a minimalist or materialistic, I choose not to pass judgment.

I am 386 days sober, and Lila has gone 386 days without having to see her father drunk, and smell the stench of stale, cheap beer on his breath.

I feel blessed because I know now to hold my daughters hand today like I might not be able to tomorrow.  Why?  Because tomorrow isn’t promised—and I want to live today in a way that leaves no room for regret tomorrow.

I realize that each day doesn’t have to feel like a blessing—it’s not always about the moment, it’s about the collective moments that form a blessed life.

On the eve of this holiday weekend—I wish you and yours the best.

Love always,


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