Through the Bright and Blue

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter—drops splashing on the roof top—such an unfamiliar sound in the Bay Area.  The outside is darker than usual—a calmness blankets the city as cars drive by creating waves birthed by lakes that have formed on the road-way.  The alarm sounds at 5:30am—an unwelcome buzzing, especially on a cold, rainy morning.  I get up, stretch—and walk to the bathroom rubbing the sleep from my eyes, analyzing dreams and mental images from the night before.  I stop, rest my arms on the window-sill and watch the rain-drops fall.  The California earth, so parched, appreciates every drop that gently falls from the grey above—yearning for more because this one rain won’t be enough to fill the lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs that are now so dry.  Hopeful that the rumors of El Nino are true…though false hope tends to accompany difficult times.

“Daddy, it’s raining!”  I hear being called from the other room.  Children get excited when the rain comes—adults moan and groan thinking of the morning commute.  Thankfully, we don’t have far to travel—so I can share in the excitement, at least for today.

I dust the under-utilized umbrella off after digging it out from the random item drawer.  I hope to use it many more times than just today.  We walk to the car as the rain tap dances on top of the umbrella—it is beautiful how nature creates music…whether it be rain on the roof or umbrella top, or the wind whistling as it blows leaves through the neighborhood during the fall season.  Fall is my favorite time of year.

Enough precipitation has accumulated in the pot-holes and divots so that the children can splash in the puddles—jump up, come down…nature has generated that playful laughing sound.  Parents reluctantly grumble as the children get their school clothes wet—new shoes drenched…I just chuckle because it’s not my feet that will be soaking all day.  But, above all else—it’s nice to see the children smile and laugh.

For today, umbrella sales will sky rocket in CA—humans typically don’t learn until they get wet.  And for today, we should appreciate the first real rain we have been blessed with—god knows we need more.

I may take a moment, maybe two—to jump in the puddles while thinking of you,

Putting aside the more challenging moments we’ve been through,

You, my glue, have held me together during the bright and the blue.

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