Day 156–The Fall Season Begins for Lila and I

Lila booger

Lila and I had a great evening last night.  We went to Target and picked out more Halloween/fall decorations, bought worms for our beloved tortoise, Franklin–and stopped by the local drug store where Lila tried on an “angry baby” mask.  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing as she was walking around the store with the mask on.

Today I am grateful for the wonderful time I had with Lila yesterday–even though she woke me up by screaming “DADDY!” at 2am to get a drink of water.

On Day 156 I continue to focus more on the good things in life.  I still have cravings for alcohol–but there is now a rational part of my mind that constantly reminds me that taking a drink would be devastating to my general well being–which in turn would negatively impact my daughter.

The fall season is my favorite time of year–Lila and I are decorating the apartment, and having fun with all of the Halloween items filling the stores.  Today I don’t have much to say specific to alcoholism–but I do want to mention that life is so much happier without it.

Day 156 is a good one!

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