Day 101–Increasing Activity Level, New Opportunities and Support of a Friend


Increasing Activity Level: Day 101 reminded me of going back to the basics of what makes me happy and a well rounded individual.  We (including Nick and Priscilla–her step dad and mom) decided that Lila would take a break from martial arts as she transitions into Kindergarten.  Instead of Kung Fu–she will be playing soccer every Saturday, as we enrolled her in a local soccer league.  I thought to myself: “you like playing soccer–why not join an adult league so Lila and I can practice together?”  So, I did.  The league starts in early September–my games will be on Sunday, Lila’s on Saturday.  I am really excited because joining the league will 1) keep me motivated, in regards to staying in shape (I lost 25/lbs since quitting alcohol) 2) I will have the opportunity to meet new people 3) I miss being involved in organized sports.  I discuss going back to the basics, because as a child, adolescent and much of my young adult life–I was always involved in athletic and/or community organizing activities…it kept my mind and body fresh.  I think back to 2013, when I started trying to get back in shape while drinking like a fish, I felt in the worst shape of my life–and had to drag myself to the track to run some laps.  Now, 101 days free of alcohol–I feel like i’m in the best shape of my life, and look forward to taking this next step in regaining what I lost for a few years…myself.

New Opportunities: In AA, the group members always talk about the new opportunities that begin to arise once you remove alcohol from your life.  I am seeing the opportunities surface–and realize that the lack of alcohol has sparked a higher level of motivation and self-confidence.  I am interviewing next week, after years with my current company, for a position that would be a huge step up career-wise.  It would pay much more–and open up more opportunities for growth and development as a professional.  I am hoping for the best–but am maintaining the perspective that if i don’t get the job, it was an experience I needed (the interview process) to be more prepared for the right opportunity.  I do like my current job, but need to start looking at career advancements, which will require moving on from my current industry which is the non-profit sector.

Support of Friends: I am looking forward to my AA meeting tonight.  A friend wants to join me to show support, and learn more about what my recovery process entails.  I told her that: “the group and I are an interesting bunch of characters–are you sure?”  She confirmed–so we’ll see how it goes.  I have been going about this journey on my own, as my family members live in Pennsylvania and Lila is too young to really know what is going on…it’s going to be nice to have a friend sitting next to me at the meeting tonight.  I am really grateful.

On day 101 I am starting to see that renewed energy, new opportunities and the love from friends are becoming more common.  It validates that life will only continue to get better as long as I stay away from the bottle, and remain focused on taking care of myself and my family.

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