Little Things

Thus far, my day has been filled with gratitude.  I woke up this morning, and sat next to my daughter as she slept.  She looked like an angel—her eyes were gently shut, and she was breathing softly…so comfortably.  I started to make her breakfast—which consisted of toast, an egg and blue-berries—the smell of me cooking woke her up and she exited the room rubbing her eyes, holding a stuffed koala bear that I won for her at the Santa Cruz boardwalk a few weeks ago.  I laid out her clothes, and she proceeded to dress herself like a big girl—and as she was getting dressed she was singing Christina Perri’s, A Thousand Years.  It was so adorable—despite the fact that I don’t agree with her mother letting her watch the Twilight movies.  But why sweat the small stuff, right? 

The sun was shining through our living room window—and the sun-shine made me smile, as I realized I went another day without drinking alcohol.  And today—I will go another day without drinking.  I am truly learning to appreciate the little things life has to offer due to the alcohol induced haze being lifted.

At work, things are going well—I put on Pandora this morning and it has been playing gem after gem.  The play-list went 1) Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips 2) What’d I say by Ray Charles 3) The Way you do the Things you do by the Temptations.  As I was listening to the before-mentioned musical master-pieces—I am working with our Communications team to update web-site content—and simultaneously planning a massive health-fair that will occur this fall.

I am grateful for so many aspects of my life—but most grateful for having a healthy and happy daughter.  She has been with me through thick and thin—never once judging me, or wanting me to be “better.”  She loves me for who I am—and I her.  We are going to see the new Planes movie this weekend—and will also go to the local public pool.  She will be so excited no matter what we do—her perspective is refreshing.  It is her and I again—a team, and though some days are harder than others—I can only hope for more better days and be thankful for everything we have. 

I am excited to be approaching 90 days without alcohol—but will focus on today…one day at a time.

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