Moments of Regret #1

I regret the resentment I instilled in her,

Three years, a thousand tears–concluding like a blur,

Gaps of time closed,

Where did it go?,

The bad memories over-shadow the good,

Want another chance–that’s not happening, which is the one thing I do know,

One, two, three–we were a family,

Though I was blinded by bottles–I loved her unconditionally,

She would sit next to me,

Perplexed by me,

Denial turned me into someone I never wanted to be,

Eighty days now–no drink, yet an abundance of time to think.

Now I realize, everything can change with just one blink,

Regret festers–guilt lingers

Wishing, just one more time, I could place my hand in hers and intertwine fingers.

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